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2000 Distinguished Alumni Award:
Daizzee Bouey, MSW, 1979, Huntington, NY
Elsie Owens, MSW, 1978, Coram, NY
Barton Davis, MSW, 1976, Port Washington, NY

2001 Distinguished Alumni Award:
James Golbin, MSW, 1994, Huntington, NY
Sylvia Diaz, MSW, 1992, Smithtown, NY
Thomas White, MSW, 1982, Jamaica, NY
The Hon. Joan Johnson, MSW, 1977, Bay Shore, NY

2001 Humanitarian Award: 
United States Congressman, James Walsh (R-NY)

2002 Distinguished Alumni Award:
Gwendolyn Branch, MSW, 1990, Riverhead, NY
Maurice E.P. Coates, MSW, 1983, New York, NY
Gerald R. Lucas, MSW, 1973, Fort Washington, MD
Janice Coughlin Rohlf, MSW, 1973, Port Jefferson, NY
Carmen Vazquez, MSW, 1981, Solana Beach, CA
Andrew Mattison, MSW 1973, San Diego, CA

2002 Humanitarian Award
New York State Senator, Kenneth LaValle

2003 Distinguished Alumni Award:
Lenore Dillon, MSW, 1996, Kings Park, NY
Lula C. Dorsey, MSW, 1973, Jackson, MS
Donald L. Harris, MSW, 1972, Plainfield, NJ

2003 Humanitarian Award:
New York State Assemblyman, Steven Englebright

2004 Distinguished Alumni Award:
Barbara Faron, MSW 1979, East Setauket, NY 
Clifton Perez, MSW 1982, Troy, NY
Luis Valenzuela, PhD, MSW 1983, Selden, NY

2004 Humanitarian Award:
Nancy R. Douzinas, President, Rauch Foundation

2005 Distinguished Alumni Award:
The Honorable Patricia A. Eddington, MSW ’89, Patchogue, NY
Raymond M. Mullaney, MSW ’77, Trumbull, CT
Kay A. Strawder, JD, MSW ’74, Oakland, CA

2005 Humanitarian Award:
Jason DeParle, Investigative Journalist

2006 Distinguished Alumni Award
Brendan F. Buschi, MSW ’75, Magnolia, Delaware
Vicki A. Lens, JD MSW ’77, East Northport, NY 
Gary C. Matthews, MSW ’82, Solano Beach, Ca

2006 Humanitarian Award:
Christopher Pendergast, Miller Place, NY