Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions and Application Process FAQs 

Program FAQs

Can I submit an unofficial transcript with my application?
Yes. Students can submit a current unofficial transcript with their application for review. Official transcripts are due upon admission into the program. 
(Note: unofficial transcripts should be uploaded from your University/college student portal.)

Where do I send my official transcript?
Please visit here for more information

How many letters of recommendation to submit?
Students are required to submit 3 letters of recommendation for the undergraduate and graduate program. 

What are the prerequisite courses for the MSW program?
There are no prerequisites for the MSW program. When completing the application, you can leave the “Course Input” section blank.

I’m interested in applying for the BSW program, how can I confirm I have the needed prerequisite course?
Students can email our office at with a copy of their unofficial transcript of all courses taken or in progress (Note: please include in subject line: BSW course evaluation.)

Who can I use as a reference for my application?
Recommendations are required from former professors, and/or from employers, supervisors or health care professionals for whom you have worked in a paid or volunteer position.
Those who recommend you should speak to your strength of character, dedication and commitment to social change.

Can I start my application and then submit at a later date?
Yes. Once you have started an application, you may save your work and complete the application over multiple sessions.

How can I make updates to my application? 
Students should send any updates to their application to:

Can I choose which campus I would like to attend for the MSW program?
Yes, on the application you will have the option to select your desired campus. Students can take classes at both the NYC site and SBU Campus, however, you must choose the place you will be taking the majority of classes.

(Note: the MSW program is fully operated at the Manhattan site. However, all students have to fulfill a University residency requirement. Our MSW students fulfill this requirement through their mandatory participation in Community Learning Day. This is a one day full day event and happens once a semester on the Stony Brook campus).

How do I apply for a Fee Waiver?
Fee waivers are rare. Qualifications and requirements are located within the application; please read them carefully.

What is the application fee?
The fee for the undergraduate application is $50. The fee for the MSW application is $100. 

Where can I locate my program's Essay Question?
All questions and details are located on the “Essay” section of the application per desired program.
Please speak to your dedication to social change and discuss your fit with the SBU School of Social Welfare Missions Statement:

How can I confirm that all my application materials have been received?
Students will have to access the Applicant Portal to review all received materials.

What is the application deadline?
The priority deadline for our Fall 2021 applications is March 1, 2021. We review applications on a rolling admissions basis. Applications received after this deadline will be reviewed on a space available basis. We only admit once a year.  

When are supporting documents due?
The priority deadline for supporting documents is March 15.

Can I transfer from another graduate social welfare program?
Students can only transfer from another accredited program. Applicants must provide their current transcript and course description for review by the MSW Program Director for approval.

What is the cost of attendance?

I’m interested in applying to the MSW program but I’m currently in my last semester. Will this affect my application?
Students currently enrolled in their last semester will not have an effect on their admissions review. Admissions decisions are conditional based on successful completion of a Bachelor's degree.