Field Byte


Undergraduate students should complete 1 - 2 process recordings each week. First year MSW students complete 1-3 process recordings/logs per week. Second year students are expected to write 1 -2 process recordings/logs per week during the first semester and 1 process recording/log per week during the second semester.  Additional process recordings/logs may be required based upon the educational needs of the student.

Because you are creating a significant and ongoing learning relationship with your student, you want to create an environment that encourages your student to take risks and express themselves, even if what they have to say is awkward.  Creating a judgment free zone is part of this. Be open to their thoughts and reactions and help your student to see them in a professional context.

We have more ways of communicating than ever before. We use email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapshot, Pinterest, and Instagram. We skim information as opposed to reading it. We look for key words instead of reading full sentences. We may have lost the art of reading! Fifty-five percent of all email users admit that they don’t open and read messages regularly (Fast Company, Aaron Orendorff). From our perspective we find that to be true. We will do our best to be more concise but please read our materials in their entirety.  You will get necessary information if you do. Thanks!