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Dr. Michelle Ballan receiving an award

Congratulations to our Director, Dr. Michelle Ballan.

She has been awarded the National Crime Victims’ Service Award Building Knowledge through Research for her research on crime victims with disabilities.

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Dr. Amber Davis


Dr. Amber Davis, a member of our Supporting Faculty has just published a new article!

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Photo of Jaswal Vikram


We are so happy to share a new article just published by our new Psychology Co-Core Faculty member, Dr. Vikram Jaswal.

Barriers to Inclusion: Incorporating the Social Model in the Study of Children's Understanding of Disability

LEND trainees

A year later, Stony Brook University LEND trainees reflect on lessons learned

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Photo of woman in first year training

LEND Program Enjoys Banner First Year Training ASD and ND Professionals

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LEND Program Launched to Foster Advanced Training in the Field of Caring for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities August 2021

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