Mission Statement




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    The School of Social Welfare is committed to a more just society based on equality, human dignity and social justice. We believe that inequality and injustices are deeply embedded in society's political and economic structures and ideologies. Oppression objectively and subjectively permeates the lives of people, resulting in the denial of human dignity, individual and cultural diversity, and social and economic justice. Oppression is manifest in discrimination on the basis of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age and disability, among others. Our purpose is to prepare students for work in professional social work practice in the public and non-profit sectors of health and social welfare. The School's educational process enables people to identify and analyze the nature and extent of oppression and engage in social work practice that affirms people's strengths as a means to create social change in their lives and in society. The school stresses a commitment to the values of human and cultural diversity, human dignity, social and economic justice, and individual and group self-determination.


    The following goals emerge out of the School's mission statement and guide its educational practice: to develop human relationships that are grounded in social justice, human dignity and mutual respect; to develop new and more just organizational forms; to transform already existing structures to ones which affirm and enhance human dignity and social diversity; and to identify new ways to influence social, economic and political systems to distribute power, resources, rights and freedom, so as to achieve social justice.