Interviewing Children: A Skills Clinic


Interviewing Children: A Skills Clinic, in partnership with Fordham University Children FIRST

This one-day course or “skills clinic”  will help caseworkers gain knowledge and build skills and techniques to enhance their ability to conduct comprehensive, developmentally appropriate interviews with children and their families/caregivers. The topical areas for this training will build on the knowledge and skill base developed in Child Welfare/Child Protective Services Common Core for New Caseworkers to help them elicit information necessary for assessment of well being and child and family progress toward goals.There are two (2) distinct trainings; one (Child Welfare) is offered to preventive, foster care and adoption caseworkers and the other (CPS) is for child protective services caseworkers.Only 12 are admitted into each class.  The small class size will enable this to be an intensive workshop conducted by two (2) trainers for maximum trainee benefit.Registration for this training is on STARS/HSLC.  Those without access or for further information please contact Children FIRST: JoAnne McMahon at: