Club Hope

The Sayville Project provides psychosocial and psychoeducational services to persons 18 years of age and older who have a psychiatric disability. We have been working with residents of Sayville and the surrounding communities since 1984.

We support our members to live with dignity in their local community and to develop a plan to meet their individual recovery goals. Our aim is to assist persons to become active and contributing members of their community. To that end, the Sayville Project works closely with the local community and we have developed working relationships with community groups and organizations that support and assist our clients to lead productive lives.

Club Hope staff and members work together to plan and implement services to support the members who are actively working on their personal recovery and wellness, as well as to those members who are just beginning to explore their personal roads to recovery and wellness.

At Club Hope, we strive to provide a supportive atmosphere for members to be seen as valid and active people rather than solely as psychiatric survivors. Each person's strengths and abilities combine to form a community where people can struggle to regain power and control over their own lives and, with one another, work for political and social change not only within their own lives, but also in the community as a whole.