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Voting in New York State

Interested in voting in the next election? If you want to vote in New York State,  you must be registered to vote. If you want to vote in a primary election in New York State, you must be registered in the political party whose primary you wish to vote in. If you are unsure if you are registered to vote, don’t know where you can cast your vote, or want to check your party registration visit New York State Voter Lookup.

Important Information:

  • To vote at your local University address in Suffolk County, put your Stony Brook University address as the address where you live on your voter registration form.
  • If you would like to vote at your permanent address but will not be in your hometown on Election Day, and you are not registered to vote, then send the voter registration form to the Board of Elections Office for your home county after checking off the box that says "Yes, I need an application for an Absentee Ballot."
  • If you are already registered to vote and wish to vote by absentee ballot, access the New York State absentee ballot application.
  • To vote outside of New York State, you will need to register in your home state. You can find the voter registration form for your state at

Voting Resources:

Community Resources:

  • Voting Is Social Work
    • Voting Is Social Work is a nonpartisan campaign that provides social workers with the knowledge and tools to raise awareness about voting and to increase voting registration and participation.
  • Center for Civic Justice, Stony Brook University
    • The Center for Civic Justice works to provide students with equal access to the democratic process through voter education and registration, and voter organization and mobilization. 

Questions? Contact the Board of Elections


This message is in compliance with the New York State Election Law and the National Voter Registration Act.