Undergraduate Social Welfare Alliance & BSW Student Representatives

The Undergraduate Social Welfare Alliance (USWA) acts as a representing body of all students within the undergraduate program. We act as a voice for students and seek to establish an engaged community connected to our program and University. To be in touch with any of the officers, email: sbu.uswa@gmail.com

In addition to USWA, there are also BSW Student Representatives who are the voice for their classmates. They represent the BSW students at SSW committee meetings that are chaired by Faculty within the School. The 2019-2020 committees and student representatives will be listed in the near future. 

 Meet Your 2020-2021 USWA Officers!



Kara Wissing - President

Hi, my name is Kara Wissing (she/her). I am grateful to be the newly elected President of USWA. I’m a woman in the LGBTQ+ community who has salt and pepper hair that comes with life experience. I’ve found that these life experiences make me better equipped in my endeavors of empathy and being of service. I am proud of who I am and who I am growing to be. I’m grateful to be surrounded by people who are as excited about developing as professionals as I am. It’s nice to “meet” you, and I hope you come to get involved so we can get to know you too!


Tiara Familia - Vice President

Hi! first let me start by saying I hope everyone has been doing well and staying healthy. I'm Tiara Familia, the new Vice President of USWA. I'm currently a senior in the BSW program. I'm excited to be a part of USWA and I'm looking forward to connecting with the Stony Brook community as we push for justice and advocate for those who are unable. My hope is to bring forth opportunities where we can all learn how to better serve our communities. Being at service and social work go hand and hand, I want to be able to be at service to students as well. I'm always here if anyone has ideas for events or demographics they want us to get information on. Again I'm super excited to start making things happen, hope everyone is doing great.


Evelyn Lopez Rodriguez - Secretary

My name is Evelyn Lopez Rodriguez and I am currently a BSW senior. I am the secretary for USWA. I am excited to carry out UWSA's incentives in helping bring awareness to the field of social work. I have various experience with writing agenda, keeping notes, and working with the logistics of a club. I am deeply involved in activism, on and off-campus. I have had experience running fundraisers and grassroots activism and would love to bring what I have learned to USWA. I have plenty of ideas that I want to bring to light to the club, which includes the following: reaching out to the west campus to promote the BSW program, finding ways for us to be involved more in activism on and off-campus, series of learning how to work with different communities, a zumba self-care event, and more. 


Meghan Dillon - Treasurer

Hello all, I hope you’re doing well! My name is Meghan Dillon. I am a current student of the Bachelors of Social Work program in my senior year. I am the treasurer for the Undergraduate Social Welfare Alliance. I graduated from Suffolk County Community College, Human Services Program in 2019. I am currently, employed as a supervisor where I work overseeing all staff and activities in the aquatics department. If you’ve met me, you know you can always find me getting tea or a smoothie on campus. If you see me, please don’t hesitate to start up a conversation! I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas and grab a drink before/after class! Stay healthy, safe and let’s have a great year!


Sarah Smith - Class Senator

As class senator, I help represent students enrolled in the Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) program. I will be making every effort to keep students informed of the Undergraduate Social Welfare Alliance (USWA) events and news. Additionally, I will be assigning and overseeing the duties and responsibilities of the Class Representatives. When requested and/or necessary, I will be facilitating “town hall” meetings when necessary with students and/or faculty to discuss questions and concerns with the BSW program. I believe my general management and case management experience will assist me in these tasks, and I am looking forward to serving my cohort in this way.