Undergraduate Social Welfare Alliance & BSW Student Representatives

The Undergraduate Social Welfare Alliance (USWA) acts as a representing body of all students within the undergraduate program. We act as a voice for students and seek to establish an engaged community connected to our program and University. To be in touch with any of the officers, email: sbu.uswa@gmail.com

In addition to USWA, there are also BSW Student Representatives who are the voice for their classmates. They represent the BSW students at SSW committee meetings that are chaired by Faculty within the School. The 2019-2020 committees and student representatives will be listed in the near future. 

Meet your 2019-2020 USWA Officers:


Kaitlyn Abreu, President
Hey everyone! My name is Kait Abreu and I am the President of USWA. I’m a senior in the School of Social Welfare BSW program. I spent the first few years of college as a Psychology major at SUNY Purchase. After realizing that the program wasn’t right for me, I took time off and then went back to school at NCC where I stumbled upon the Human Services program. Leaving and coming back to school was the best decision I’ve made in my life thus far, because that track led me here, to a program I am proud of and adore being a part of everyday. I can’t wait to collaborate with my future colleagues and help the program continue to grow and flourish. My area of interest is quite vast, and I have a feeling my future as a social worker will be anything but linear. This program has peaked my interest in policy work, but I won’t count anything out. If you have any questions, or need anything feel free to reach me through the USWA gmail sbu.uswa@gmail.com or my personal email kaitlyn.abreu@stonybrook.edu 


Eva Stanganelli, Vice President
Hello! My name is Eva Stanganelli and I am the Vice-President for USWA 2019-2020! I am a senior in Stony Brook’s BSW program and did the first few semesters of my undergrad over on west campus. I’m from Yaphank here on Long Island and am a commuter student. I am extremely passionate about social justice, particularly in regard to people struggling with the challenges of mental illness. I am interested in advocating for this population on both the micro level in counseling and the macro level in enacting change in state and federal legislation. Over the past year, this program and all of the wonderful people in it have really amplified my passion for helping others. I’ve seen that the power of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to change the world is immeasurable. I am so excited to see what this school year will bring for USWA and our fellow social justice advocates. If you ever need to reach me, you can email me at eva.stanganelli@stonybrook.edu!


Sarah Trinh, Secretary
Hello! My name is Sarah Trinh and I am the secretary for USWA. I am a senior in the School of Social Welfare’s BSW program. I am from Queens, but currently dorm on campus. As a Vietnamese-American woman, I hope to see more Asian-American representation within the social work program and field as a whole. Being a psychology major at Stony Brook previously, one of my goals for the club is to integrate it with West Campus and make ourselves more known. I have always been passionate about social justice, but this program has really sparked my love for advocacy and change on the macro-level. I cannot wait to see the things USWA will be doing for the 2019-2020 academic year. Some fun facts about me are: I am a big foodie, I love going to concerts, and I can make a mean cheesecake. 


Carrie Garcia, Treasurer
Hello! My name is Carrie Garcia and I am Treasurer for USWA this year! I am so excited to be more involved with USWA and get to know more of my peers in this program! I'm currently a senior in the BSW program here at Stony Brook and I live in Hicksville with my husband Jony, our dog Oreo and bunny Cookie. I am very passionate about social work and advocating for social justice which is a big reason why I love this program so much! My area of interest within the social work field is really very varied. I have a big interest in the macro level aspect of things and working to instill change on a big level and on the other hand I also love that one on one connection one gets when working with clients. I am very much looking forward to this coming school year! If ever you want to reach out to me please feel free at Carrie.garcia@stonybrook.edu!