Supportive and Intensive Case Management Services; Adult Home Initiative

The Sayville Project provides case management services to persons 18 years of age and older who have a psychiatric disability and need assistance in achieving their life goals. We have been working with residents of Sayville and the surrounding communities since 1979.

We support our clients to live with dignity in their local community and to develop a plan to meet their individual goals. Our aim is to assist persons to become active and contributing members of their community, living as independently as possible. To that end, the Sayville Project works closely with the local community and we have developed working relationships with community groups and organizations that support and assist our clients to lead productive lives.

The Sayville Project’s Adult Home Initiative provides valuable case management and peer led services to residents of local Adult Homes.  Case Management and Peer Specialist staff work with residents residing in these Adult Homes who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disability to gain life skills, regain independence and to obtain the necessary medical and mental health supports and services and to improve the overall quality of their lives.  Working collaboratively with the Adult Homes, staff work to help residents gain the skills and supports necessary to work toward increased independence and self-sufficiency.

Supportive and Intensive Case Management Services and Adult Home Initiative Services include assisting persons to:

  • Develop life goals
  • Access community resources
  • Access mental health, medical, legal and other resources and support
  • Secure housing appropriate to one's needs in the community
  • Secure entitlements (such as SSI, SSD, public assistance, Medicaid and food stamps)
  • Understand legal rights and to advocate for changes in one's life
  • Find meaningful activities (such as returning to work, attending school, volunteering in the community, attending a program, etc)
  • Learn skills necessary for being self-sufficient
  • Lead a full and meaningful life

At the Sayville Project, we believe that all persons deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and to have control over the decisions that affect their lives. We can help you to explore what your options are and how your choices may affect your life. We can advise you about your rights and help you get the things to which you are entitled.

At the Sayville Project we honor and respect our relationships with our clients, and therefore, respect the privacy of the communication between our workers and the persons who accept our services.  All conversations between case managers and clients are strictly confidential.