The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is a University recognized organization open to all students, faculty and staff.  The objective of the GSG is to meet the unique needs of the students, to foster intrapersonal understanding, to build upon cooperation in field education, and to facilitate problem-solving between the School of Social Welfare administration, faculty, and students.  This organization functions as the propelling force of the SSW by advocating for students, advancing interests, and fostering activities.  It stresses the importance of the values of the profession of social work and is a collaboration of faculty and students to achieve these goals.  Feel free to attend a meeting and check the SSW Update for upcoming events! 

Meet Your Graduate Student Government Representatives for 2019-2020:



Marissa Sarro - President

Hi! I am Marissa Sarro, a full-time 2nd year MSW student with a specialization in Family, Youth and Transitions (FYT). I am interested in working with families and children in the future as well as having my own practice. I’m excited to continue building my skills in the MSW program and utilize those tools on a micro and macro level. I look forward to this upcoming school year with the Graduate Student Government and am focused on creating a space at Stony Brook where the student’s feel heard and advocated for! 






Jonathan Morrison- Vice President

Hello all!

My name is Jonathan Morrison and I will be serving as the Vice President of Graduate Student Government this year. I am currently a second year MSW student in the Integrated Health track. I received my Bachelors degree in Health Science here at Stony Brook University in 2016, took a few years off to decide on a career and with the inspiration of my sister who is currently a social worker and my desire to work in a helping profession I decided this program was a good choice. My interests in the field of social work include domestic violence prevention, immigration reform, criminal justice reform and homelessness. I have been an Emergency Medical Technician in the past and enjoy volunteering, reading, exercising and spending time doing almost anything outdoors in my free time. I look forward to meeting many of you and serving as Vice President. I hope to be able to help improve the student experience for all students in the program. Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or if there is anything I can do for you via email at







Colleen Wright - Secretary

Hello! My name is Colleen Wright. I am a second-year student in Stony Brook University’s Social Welfare Program. My journey so far in this program has been nothing shy of amazing.

To all students, if there is one thing I have learned so far during my experience at Stony Brook is that helping an individual in life is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. As your Student Government Secretary, I promise to use all the skills I have learned to help in anyway that I can. I will always listen to any student or group of students in need or for any who have concerns. I will also put forth tremendous effort to help accommodate all students within this program. I joined Student Government to help all of Stony Brooks Social Welfare Students. I look forward to hopefully meeting as many Social Work students as I can. I wish you all a wonderful 2019-2020 year.  






Melanie Ginel  - Manhattan Representative

Hello everyone! I am Melanie Ginel, a full-time 2nd year MSW Student in Manhattan. I am part of the FYT specialization, as my interests include working with children and families in low-income areas. It is my pleasure to be your Graduate Student Government Manhattan Representative for the 2019-2020 year! Please feel free to reach out to me with any concerns, ideas for events, or workshops you would like to see on our Manhattan campus. I look forward to learning and growing alongside you all. Here's to a wonderful year!





Jacob Manning- Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Jacob Manning, and I am in my first year of the Stony Brook University side of my J.D./M.S.W. in conjunction with Touro Law Center. I am humbled that my fellow graduate students have elected me as their treasurer for the Graduate Student Government in the School of Social Welfare for 2019-2020. I plan to take everything I’ve learned in my undergraduate degree in Business Management from Farmingdale State College, as well as my experience owning a small business, to ensure my role of Treasurer is fulfilled to the highest standards. As a full time commuter student that is also working, I understand some of the difficulties of juggling life’s many challenges, and that for most students, grad school can be overwhelming, frightening, and even crippling at times. I’m here to reiterate that there are people - fellow students, staff, and professionals - that deeply care about you and your thriving success both in-school and out. I have first hand familiarity battling mental illness for several years now, and welcome anyone seeking advice, guidance, or help, to not hesitate to reach out to myself, others, or both. I will do everything in my capacity to further the aims of the School of Social Welfare and the aims of the class body. My email is Always feel free to get in touch.





 Courtney Leone- First Year Representative

Hey everyone. I am a first year MSW student here in Long Island. I live in West Babylon and am twenty-four years old. I received my undergraduate degrees from Farmingdale State College, as well as St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue. I’ve always had the idea of being a teacher, but I had a sudden change of heart and realization that social work is what my path will be - and I’ve never been happier! I’m so grateful to be a part of this program and to be involved in GSG so that I can talk, help, and make connections with students who are just like me. Looking forward to this year and meeting as many students as I can! 





Sarah Kinard - Second Year Representative 

Hello Everyone! I am a full-time second year MSW student with a specialization in Integrated Health. I am interested in working with youth who have experienced significant trauma and creating an outlet for them to learn and grow through their experiences. I currently work at STRONG Youth, Inc. as a Youth and Family Engagement Specialist where I engage youth who are gang affiliated to provide prevention and intervention services. I am excited to begin collaborating with faculty and students in the School of Social Welfare and be an added support to the second-year students. Let’s create an environment that speaks to the change we wish to see in the world!