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Michelle Ballan, Ph.D.Michelle Ballan, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Social Welfare
& Family Population and Preventive Medicine
Email: Michelle.Ballan@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-304-5953

 Melissa L. Bessaha, Ph.D.Melissa L. Bessaha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email: Melissa.Bessaha@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-638-2514

Frances L. Brisbane, Ph.D..
Frances L. Brisbane, Ph.D..
Vice President for Health Sciences Workforce Diversity
Email: Frances.Brisbane@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-9638

Marvin L. Colson, M.S.
Marvin L. Colson, M.S.
Clinical Associate Professor
Director of Developmental Disabilities Programs
Email: Marvin.Colson@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3162

Christopher Coverdale
 Christopher Coverdale, J.D.
Clinical Instructor
Email: Christopher.Coverdale@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3166

Image: Iris Fienberg
Iris Cohen Fineberg, Ph.D., M.S.W., OSW-C
Associate Professor
Interim Chair of Doctoral Program
E-mail: Iris.Fineberg@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3164

Image: Amy Hammock
Amy Hammock, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Email: Amy.Hammock@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3108

 R. Anna Hayward-Everson
R. Anna Hayward-Everson, Ph.D., M.S.W.
Associate Professor
Email: Anna.Hayward@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3177

Image: Leslie
Leslie Crisafulli Kulewicz, LCSW, ACSW
Assistant Director, Field Education
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office of Field Education
Email: Leslie.Kulewicz@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3147

Image: George LeibowitZ
George Leibowitz, Ph.D.
Email: George.Leibowitz@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-6369

Sana Malik

Sana Malik, Ph.D,
Assistant Professor
Email: Sana.K.Malik@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3691

Image: Kathleen Monahan

Kathleen Monahan, D.S.W.
Associate Professor
Director of the Family Violence Education and Research Center
Email: Kathleen.Monahan@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3152

Jacqueline B. Mondros, D.S.W.
Dean and Professor
Assistant Vice President for Social Determinants of Health
Email: jacqueline.mondros@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-2139

 Image: Richard MorganRichard Morgan, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
Director of the Graduate Program
Director of Student Community Development Specialization
Email: Richard.Morgan@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-6926

Zachary Morrison

Zachary A. Morris, Ph.D,
Assistant Professor
Email: Phone: 631-444-2255

 Carolyn Peabody, Ph.D. Carolyn Peabody, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
Assistant Dean for Eastern Long Island Sites
Email: Carolyn.Peabody@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3165

Dina Pilgrim, LMSW

Dina Pilgrim, LMSW
Clinical Assistant Professor
Field Education Coordinator
E-mail: Dina.Pilgrim@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3151


Stephen Rabeno
Stephen Rabeno, Ph.D., LCSW-R
Clinical Assistant Professor
Email: Stephen.Rabeno@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3168

 Charles RobbinsCharles Robbins, D.S.W.
Associate Professor
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges
E-mail: Charles.Robbins@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-632-7211

Hyacinth Spence, LMSW
Hyacinth Spence, LMSW
Clinical Assistant Professor
Field Education Coordinator
Email: Hyacinth.Spence@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3174

Image: Suzanne Valezquez
Suzanne L. Velázquez, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
Director of the Undergraduate Program
Email: Suzanne.Velazquez@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-6909

 Image: Betty Jean Wrase, M.S.WBetty Jean Wrase, M.S.W
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director of Field Education
Email: Betty-Jean.Wrase@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-3161