Amy Hammock, PhD, MSW

Amy HammockAmy Hammock, PhD, MSW
Associate Professor
Phone: 631-444-3108




Ph.D.,University of Michigan (Social Work and Sociology) 
MSW, University of Michigan 
1995-1996 Fulbright Scholar, Colégio de México, Mexico
B.A., Swarthmore College


Intimate partner violence intervention and prevention; Community-based participatory research; Community practice with immigrant populations; Qualitative methods; Feminist theory and practice


Stony Brook University Violence Against Women Prevention And Response Project PI: Amy Hammock; Dates of Funding: October 2012-September 2015;Total Award Amount: $270,000; Source of Funding: Department of Justice; Goal: To design, implement, and evaluate a program to reduce IPV among students at Stony Brook University.

Evaluating the Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative PI: R. Anna Hayward Co-PI (2014-2015): Amy Hammock; Dates of Funding: September 2011-September 2015;Total Award: $97,239; Source of Funding: Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Youth; Goal: To evaluate the effectiveness of a fatherhood program in preventing IPV.

New York City—Long Island—Lower Tri-County Public Health Training Center;PI: Marita Murman, Columbia University Co-PI: Amy Hammock;Dates of Funding: September 2011-August 2013;Total Award Amount: $2,600,000; Source of Funding: Health Resources and Services Administration;Goal: To provide training and technical assistance to members of the public health workforce on Long Island.

Grant Title: Peer Education Program to Prevent Sexual Violence; PI: Smita Majumdar Das, Stony Brook University Consultant: Amy Hammock;Dates of Funding: March 2011-March 2012;Total Award Amount: $10,000; Source of Funding: Avon Foundation for Women; Goal: To create peer education program on campus to prevent all forms of IPV among students at Stony Brook University.

Communications Campaign to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence among Metro Detroit Indians;PI: Mieko Yoshihama, University of Michigan;Evaluation Coordinator: Amy Hammock; Dates of Funding: September 2005-August 2010; Total Award Amount: $1,908,502; Source of Funding: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Goal: To design,implement, and evaluate a socioculturally-relevant communications campaign to prevent IPV in the Gujarati community in Southeastern Michigan using a community-based participatory approach.


Shirazian, S., Crnosija, N., Weinger, K., Park, J., Tanenbaum, M., Gonzalez, J., Mattana, J., & Hammock, A. (in press); Psychosocial barriers to self-care in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease: A qualitative study. Chronic Illness

Yoshihama, M., Ramakrishnan, A., Hammock, A., & Pasha, M. (2012); Intimate partner violence prevention program in an Asian immigrant community: Integrating theories, data, and community participation. Violence Against Women

Hammock, A. (2011) Identity construction through theatrical community practice. Qualitative Social Work, 10, 364-380

Yoshihama, M., Hammock, A. & Harrocks, J. (2006). Intimate partner violence, welfare receipt, andhealth status of low-income African American women: A lifecourse analysis. American Journal of Community Psychology, 37(1-2), 95-109

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Violencia conjugal y mujer joven: Experiencias en las organizaciones socialesde apoyo a la mujer. JOVENes: Revista de Estudios Sobre Juventud, 1(2), 84-99. (Partner violence and young women: Experiences in social service organizations that offer support to women. JOVENes:Research Magazine on Adolescence

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