SSW Stands United Against Xenophobia & Anti-Asian Racism

March 18, 2021

Dear SSW Community,

Our community stands united against racism and unequivocally condemn the racially motivated incidents targeting Asian Americans, Asian international students, and Asian immigrants and visitors across the United States and the xenophobic and racist thinking which underlies these attacks. These hate crimes range from harassment and verbal abuse, to physical violence, including those targeting elderly Asian Americans. The fear among our Asian and Asian American faculty, staff, and students is palpable.

Anti-Asian racism is not a new phenomenon and has a long history in the US and elsewhere, but has been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We reject racism and xenophobia and stand with those who have been harmed by these anti-Asian incidents.

As a community of social workers we are proud to care for one another, provide for each other’s well-being, and build a community where everyone, regardless of identity or background, can enjoy a sense of safety and belonging- a human right.

I urge the SSW community to actively reject ignorant, biased perspectives, based on COVID-related falsehoods. I implore each of you to stand up, speak up, intervene, and report when you observe or experience hateful incidents whether in-person or on-line. That means constantly being aware of what is happening in the world and being active in our efforts to connect with one another and advocate for injustice.

I understand that statements denouncing racism and violence, while important, are insufficient if they are not also supported by action. Education and engagement are powerful forces in combating the stereotypes and bias that contribute to these attacks.

What you can do to help stop Asian Hate:


Report hate incidents @ Stop AAPI Hate:
The reporting form is available in 11 languages. Reporting incidents will help AAPI understand what is happening and guide them in developing policies to advocate for.

Join the Stop Asian Hate Movement:

Be informed: Read AAPI news on @NextShark@ResonateVoices, and @DionLimTV.

Post this#StopAsianHate and How to Be an Ally graphic.

Together we can stop it.


Jacqueline B. Mondros

Dean and Assistant Vice President for Social Determinants of Health