Message from SBU Alumni Association Dean's Choice Award Recipients

Message from 2021 Award recipients: Christine Crowther, MSW, '21 & Emily Dragone, MSW, '21:

"Thank you to Dean Mondros, faculty, and the alumni association for the honor of receiving the Dean’s Choice Award. We are truly grateful for not only this recognition but for the endless opportunities and support that Stony Brook provides to students. As we enter the field of social work, we have proven ourselves resilient. In the face of adversity, we persevered through a pandemic, stepped up to promote racial and social justice, and tended to our own personal responsibilities. 

Emily Dragone, MSW, 21; Specializations: Integrated Health and Community Policy & Political Social Action
"My biggest take away from my graduate school experience is that we are all stronger than we believe and together we do have the power to make meaningful change for future generations."

Christine Crowther, MSW, '21; Specialization: Integrated Health
"Despite our own life experiences that often draw us into the field of social work we are able to come together and be the voice for marginalized and oppressed people."