Schools of Social Welfare and Nursing Awarded HRSA IBHWET Grant

The School Social Welfare, in collaboration with the School of Nursing has been awarded a HRSA IBHWET  (Integrated/Intra-professional Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training) for the Professional Track grant.  This workforce development grant will integrate behavioral health screening, brief interventions, and referral (utilizing the SBIRT/BHI exposure training model) in existing team-based, primary health care settings and community behavioral health organizations. These include Suffolk Care Collaborative primary care sites, the Sayville Project and the Association for Mental Health and Wellness).  The locations of these sites (Riverhead and North Bellport) are HRSA designated, underserved areas, and will allow address the unmet needs of vulnerable, minority populations.  The funding will support stipends for students planning careers in integrated health.  

The HRSA IBHWET project aims to enrich and expand existing services by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating integrative/intra-professional behavioral health services for mental health/substance abuse disorders. The $1.8 million, 4 year grant budget will be shared equally by both Schools.

As the saying goes "It takes a Village". Thanks to the following:

School of Social Welfare
Professor George Leibowitz,  Project Director
Diana Filiano, D.S.W, Program Coordinator  
Diane Monks, L.M.S.W., Field Site Supervisor/Community Liaison 
Kathleen Monahan, D.S.W., L.C.S.W., L.M.F.T, Project Faculty-Key Content Coordinator 

School of Nursing:
Patricia Bruckenthal, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN,  Evaluation Coordinator /Program Coordinator  
 Susan Glodstein, DNP,RN, NPP, PMHNP-BC, Project Faculty-Key Content Coordinator 
Theresa Wenz, Project Assistant