A Message on Gun Violence from Dean Mondros

March 26, 2021

Dear SSW Community,

 Once again I feel compelled to share my sentiments following the horrific and hateful gun violence and senseless loss of life that has shaken our nation. Tuesday’s shooting in Boulder, Colorado and last weeks shooting in Atlanta, Georgia have left countless victims. I express my heartfelt condolences to the victims, their families and friends, and all those impacted by these tragedies.

 These violent acts are a national health epidemic and highlight a range of systemic and public health issues that can be solved: gun violence, social isolation, mental illness, social oppression, racism, substance abuse, and poverty. While the solutions are not simple, we know some of what we need to do and we can likely agree that preventing gun violence and preserving life is a good thing.

Data and research shows that common-sense public safety laws such as background checks, banning assault rifles, supporting gun violence research and gun dealer reform are necessary to reduce gun violence and save lives.  And according to polls, these strategies receive broad support across constituencies. 

Our profession is anchored by a rich tradition of civic engagement and commitment to social justice. As social work professionals we need to reassert the values that are the cornerstone of our profession: social justice, activism, nonviolence and compassion. Let us turn trauma and the sense of helplessness into meaningful political action on gun control and gun legislation at the local and national level. Turn outrage into action. Learn more here: https://studentsdemandaction.org/

 Please take a moment to remember the victims of violence and their families, to take good care of yourself and your loved ones, and to rededicate yourself to the work toward a more just and safe society.


 Jacqueline B. Mondros, D.S.W.

Dean & Assistant Vice President for Social Determinants of Health