Advocacy Day 2018 - Our Criminal Justice System: With Liberty & Justice...For Some

Advocacy Day 2018 takes place on Tuesday, March 27 from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm. This year's theme is Our Criminal Justice System: With Liberty & Justice ...For Some. In order to enact real change for our criminal justice system, we must work together with other organizations, policy makers, and the affected communities. Through emotionally charged performances, educational training, and insightful talks, the Advocacy Day presentations will provide not only information, but motivation and frame-work to create change. See flier here


This very important annual event provides both undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to connect with one another to learn about policy issues and the people and organizations that are working for social change. It is an important event for students because interacting with organizations working for social change is a first step toward achieving that goal. Registration is required. 

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