Community Learning Days 2020/2021

Community Learning Day (CLD) is a time when students, faculty, and staff come together (via Zoom technology due to COVID-19) to connect with one another and explore a significant and timely social justice issue. 

Fall 2020: Social Justice in Action. Learn the tools and skills needed to fight voter suppression.
Tuesday, September 29 for BSW Seniors, (HWC 397a), MSW Second Year and Advanced Standing (HWC 597a).
Tuesday October 13, BSW Juniors (HWC 396a) and First Year MSW (HWC 596a).

TIME: 9:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Attendance is required*.
Advanced Standing students who attended SBU for their BSW and received credit for HWC 396 & HWC 397 are encouraged to participate, though not required. The topic changes each year.

• Social Justice is one of the six core values that define the social work profession. 

• Advocacy is an important tool to promote social justice and protect voting rights and is essential to our social work practice, our freedom, and most of all, our democracy. 

Spring 2021 dates will be announced at a later date- prior to Spring 2021 course registration.