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Archived News
Robin Acconi-DeLuca, Ph.D, 2015 Presents at NASW National Conference
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2 Graduating BSW Students Receive University Leadership Awards
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Class Gift from Graduating MSW Students
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Excerpt from the 2016 School of Social Welfare commencement address by Jacqueline Mondros, D.S.W.
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Congratulations to the Class of 2016
Student Spotlight: Guillermo Sandoval, MSW Candidate, Appointed to Serve on Two Community Boards
Heather Savino, B.S.W. Candidate Receives SUNY Chancellor Award
Up Close and Personal With Trauma Recovery Expert
Hand-On Training at Health Fair for Veteran's
B.S.W. Student Offer Assistance With Flint Water Crisis
5 B.S.W. Candidates Receive Distinguished Award
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Senior B.S.W. Student Selected as Student of the Year by NASW NYS Suffolk Division
Advocacy Day 2016
21st Annual Leadership Symposium a Success
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Manhattan Open House
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NYS Social Work Student Legislative Action Day in Albany
Coming Soon: MSW Alumni Event: Networking, Healthcare Forum and Career Opportunities
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14 B.S.W. Student's to be Recognized at University Honors Convocation
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Custom 3-D Printed Wrist Brace Meets a Friend in SSW
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Danielle Meyer Selected as Student Speaker at University Commencement 
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Man's Best Friend Visits Trauma Class
Breakfast in Honor of National Social Work Month
Jacqueline Mondros Appointed to Mayor de Blasio’s Children’s Cabinet Advisory Board
Incoming Doctoral Student Raymond Holgado Awarded Dr. W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship
Matthew Moore, MSW 2013, Honored by Senator Thomas D. Croci
Second Year MSW Student Hosts Radio Talk Show
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2015 Social Worker of the Year Award




























Faculty Member Honored by NASW
May 2013 - Dr. Carolyn Peabody, Ph.D., LCSW-R, is the recipient of the 2013 Suffolk County Chapter of NASW Social Worker of the Year Award. Dr. Peabody will receive the award at the Annual Awards Dinner in Islandia, N.Y., on May 17th.

"Keys for the Homeless" Conference
October 2012 - The Long Island Coalition for the Homeless held their Annual "Keys for the Homeless" Conference at Touro College on Friday, October 19, 2012. The LICH Executive Director is Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare Alum Greta Guarton, LMSW. School of Social Welfare Assistant Professor Dr. Pamela Linden and 2nd year MSW student Regina Perretti-Savarese participated on a panel for a workshop titled "Pets in Rental Housing." Co-panelists were Nassau Suffolk Law Services Managing Attorney Victoria Osk and Denise Duncan, Director of Supported Housing at Concern for Independent Living.  Participants learned about issues that arise when homeless and supported housing clients have companion animals. Empirical studies demonsrating the social, psychological and biological benefits of companion animals were presented. Particants also learned what service providers legal obligations are when clients have pets.

Leadership in Oncology Social Work
October 2012 – Iris Cohen Fineberg, PhD, MSW, OSW-C, has been voted President-Elect of the Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW). Dr. Fineberg, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the School of Social Welfare, is a long-standing member of AOSW which is a non-profit, international organization focused on the enhancement of psychosocial services to people with cancer and their families. The mission of AOSW is “to advance excellence in the psychosocial care of persons with cancer, their families, and caregivers through networking, education, advocacy, research and resource development.”

Local Team Participates in Public Health Leadership Program
February, 2012 – Marie Chandick, Director of the Sudden Infant and Child Death (SICD) Resource Center, is a member of the Nassau Child Fatality Review Team which has been selected in an inaugural cohort of 20 teams to participate in the National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health (NLAPH) program. NLAPH is a national pilot program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that is being implemented by the Center for Health Leadership and Practice (CHLP) at the Public Health Institute (PHI).  The program is focused on improving community health by working with multi-sector leadership teams and providing training through an applied, team-based, collaborative leadership development model. The Nassau Child Fatality Review Team, sponsored by the Nassau County Department of Health, will work on an applied learning project that tackles an important community health issue with the goal of improving community public health outcomes.  The team includes representation from Nassau County Departments of Health and Social Services, New York State Safe Kids and the SICD Resource Center.  Over the next year, NLAPH will provide training and support to assist the team in successfully addressing projects focusing on infant safe sleep, infant safety and other preventable infant deaths.

Innovative Program, Held at the L.I. State Vets Home, Geared to All Faiths
October 2010 - The School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook University sponsored an innovative Geriatric Care Ministry Program that is designed to help clergy of all faiths and other spiritual leaders improve the quality-of-life for older people in their congregations and communities. The program tooks place at the Long Island State Veterans Home at Stony Brook University on October 4, 2010.



  • Dean Frances L. Brisbane received a Community Service Recognition Award from the First Baptist Church of Riverhead’s Family Community Life Center. This is the Center’s Inaugural Community Service Recognition and Hall of Fame Gala, 2011.
  • Dr. Pamela Linden was the recipient of the 2011 Suffolk County Chapter of NASW Social Worker of the Year Award, 2011
  • Dr. Kathleen Monahan received the 2011 Woman Achiever Award from the Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2011.
  • Dr. Carolyn Peabody received a "Distinguished Community Service Award" at the 5th Annual Community Service Stony Brook University Awards Ceremony, 2011.



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  • Dr. Pamela Linden is presenting at the National Association of Drug Court Professionals 19th Annual Training Conference in Washington, DC July 14 - 17, 2013. The presentation title is "Assessing Need for Trauma Specific Services in a Mandated Population." 
  • Hayward, R.A., & Honegger, L. (June, 2013).Predictors of violence potential in a sample of low income fathers.  Paper accepted for presentation at the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC) 21st Annual Colloquium, Las Vegas, NV
  • Dr. Carolyn Peabody is presenting a paper at the International Conference of Sociology and Social Work at University of Aalborg, Denmark on May 30 and 31, 2013.
  • Zhai, F., Brooks-Gunn, J., & Waldfogel, J. (2013). Does Head Start work? A comparison to other child care arrangements. Paper to be presented at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biannual Meeting, Apr. 2013, Seattle, WA
  • Zhai, F., Raver, C. C., & Jones, S. (2013). Early interventions and children’s behavior problems: New evidence from a randomized controlled trial. Paper to be presented at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biannual Meeting, Apr. 2013, Seattle, WA
  • Lee, R., Zhai, F., Han, W., Brooks-Gunn, J., & Waldfogel, J. (2013). Head Start and children’s nutrition, weight, and health care. Paper to be presented at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biannual Meeting, Apr. 2013, Seattle, WA
  • Hayward, R.A. & Miller, S.E. (March, 2013). A shifting paradigm: Where does environmental justice fit in the curriculum.  Paper presented at the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Annual Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Dr. R. Anna Hayward and Bob Marmo presented at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) held in Washington, DC from January 11-15, 2012. The title was “Understanding the Suburban Gang Population: Key Characteristics of Members Involved In the Criminal Justice System.”
  • Dr. Richard Morgan presented at The Oxford Round Table held at Oxford University, Lincoln College, 2012. 



December 2013 - Agent of Change: Danielle Meyers, 2nd year BSW student embraces social work. Read more.

April 2013 - PhD student, Elana Needle, has co-authored an article published in the Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research: 

Hawkins, R.L., Jaccard, J., & Needle, E. (2013). Nonacademic factors associated with dropping out of high school: Adolescent problem behaviors. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 4(2), 58-75.
To see the article, go to http://www.jsswr.org/article/view/10161

April 2013 - MSW student, Regina Perretti Savarese, MPA, has organized an NASW-NYS (Suffolk Division) workshop titled Companion Animals in Social Work Settings. The workshop will take place on April 19, 2013, at Adelphi University's Hauppauge campus.

June 2012 - PhD student, Donna B. Riley, LCSW, presented Trans-Affirmations: Transpositive Social Work Group Model at the XXXIV Annual International Symposium of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups, Long Island, New York.



  • Vicki Cooper, a 2nd year MSW student, was named Student of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers New York Chapter, March, 2015. 
  • Mark Graciani, a 1st year MSW student, was chosen to be a scholarship recipient by the National Association of Puerto Rican Hispanic Social Workers, March, 2015.
  • Daniel Callahan, a 2nd year MSW student, won an award for conducting an "Outstanding Community Service Project" this past March - The first annual Vigil of Hope. This award was given at The 5th Community Service Stony Brook University Awards Ceremony, 2011.
  • Stephanie Jarrett, a 2nd year MSW student, won the Student of the Year award from the Suffolk County Chapter of NASW, 2011.
  • Jose Wilson Montoya, a 1st year student, was awarded a scholarship by the National Association of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Social Workers, 2011.
  • Danielle Prugar, an Undergraduate Junior, wrote an essay for which she won a scholarship from the Suffolk County Chapter of NASW, 2011.